As a visual artist, I say things in my work I cannot define well in words; or any other language or medium for that matter. There isn't anything lofty about this. It simply is an indication of inherent strengths and weaknesses. The urge to create has nothing to do, for me, with "being one" with the process or any other pseudo-zen-meditative-psycho state that has been a trend of late. I simply see things, either externally or internally, as I see them and paint my idea of what I see. 

The choice of painting as my craft is because I love to paint.....the material itself is seductive in a primal way. There is an elegance, rawness, and directness to the material that allows a certain freedom for me. How an image emerges from that is a mystery and if it wasn't such a mystery and I had answers, then I suppose I wouldn't paint. There is an allure to figuring things out along the way; in not having all of the answers; in having the faith to make mistakes and invent something new as a result; to explore what is possible. Discovering what I don't know is always an exciting proposition for me. Sharing what I find with others makes the deal even better.

Technology allows us to find answers and solutions to things easily.....or, at least we have been led to believe that. Maybe this quells our instinctive struggle with immorality. Maybe it provides an escape from not knowing. Maybe we've all just been trained to seek entertainment until the end of time. Whatever it is, all I know is that I make paint marks to make my mark and to mark time. I don't know what will happen with any of it in the long run. My hope is that I continue to find a way to paint and share what I discover along the way.